Digital Ceramic Restorations

CEREC Restorations CEREC restoration is becoming increasing popular. CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction. Ceramic construction restoration works great for any patient that requires ceramic restoration dental work. This includes but is not limited to crowns, inlays, onlays, and bridges.

CEREC is not only beneficial for people who have older restorations that need to be repaired but also works great for people who happen to have one or more cracked teeth.

Benefits of CEREC

Ceramic construction restoration provides a number of marvelous benefits for dental patients. Since CEREC can be completed in just one visit, it saves you the hassle of finding the time to visit the dentist and saves you money because you only need to take one day off of work. Ceramic construction restoration allows you to keep more of your natural tooth than many other restoration techniques and procedures in today’s market.

CEREC is very strong and durable as it is comprised of a compressed ceramic material as opposed to a layer ceramic material which is quite resilient. Ceramic construction restoration is more economically feasible compared to other available restoration options.

How Ceramic Construction Works

Your dentist will begin by first preparing your tooth for the restoration process. Your tooth is then sprayed with a special dust. The special dust makes it easier for the camera to take a detailed picture of your actual tooth. The image that the camera generates is later sent to a computer. Once the image is transmitted to the computer the dentist views the picture of your tooth on the computer screen and begins to design the final restoration.

After the dentist has finished the final restoration design of your tooth the completed design is sent to the milling unit. The milling unit is the place where the ceramic construction restoration is made. It takes approximately 15 minutes for the restoration to be complete. After this is done your dentist will make sure that both the restoration size and color are correct following careful examination of the restoration. If the restoration size and color are both correct the dentist will proceed to polish the restoration and will affix it with dental cement. The ceramic construction restoration process is now officially done.

What Our Patients Say

  • Form the front to back, the care and respect is amazing. Thank you for making me feel comfortable in a situation I usually am not and giving me the courage to move forward with a much needed treatment.

    Anthony Wright
    Sandra L. - N. Lauderdale
  • Excellent service...Cordial staff....Dr. Carlos Escobar takes the time to explain every procedure planned, and gives you a confidence in his ability which makes the whole experience less stressful . Dr. Escobar also takes the time to follow-up on your progress after you leave the office. He is a true professional and cares about his patients.

    Brittany Flannery
    Ronald R. - Miami Shores
  • This office is exceptional. The minute you walk in the staff is organized and friendly. Dr. Califf is very smart and caring and was able to explain details of my care and make a future plan to keep my teeth healthy. In addition to that they give the most thorough cleaning I have ever had with up to date technology. Excellent office I highly recommend you to make an appointment.

    Nancy Green
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