Oral Sedation

Sedation in our offices can be divided into 3 categories:

Local - this is an injection given in the site. We have a tool that is sometimes used called, the DENTALVIBE. This will vibrate at the area of the injection and lessen the discomfort.

Nitrous Oxide - Nitrous will make you feel relaxed and dazed. It will not put you to sleep. Usually people start to laugh alot and that is why it is called Laughing Gas.

Halcion - Halcion is a sleeping pill. It is frequently given by medical doctors to help you sleep at night or on long plane rides. When we use this drug we require that you have someone drive you to and from the appointment. Your blood pressure and pulse will be moniterred thruought the appointment. It is a very safe way to sleep thru your appointment.

What Our Patients Say

  • Form the front to back, the care and respect is amazing. Thank you for making me feel comfortable in a situation I usually am not and giving me the courage to move forward with a much needed treatment.

    Anthony Wright
    Sandra L. - N. Lauderdale
  • Excellent service...Cordial staff....Dr. Carlos Escobar takes the time to explain every procedure planned, and gives you a confidence in his ability which makes the whole experience less stressful . Dr. Escobar also takes the time to follow-up on your progress after you leave the office. He is a true professional and cares about his patients.

    Brittany Flannery
    Ronald R. - Miami Shores
  • This office is exceptional. The minute you walk in the staff is organized and friendly. Dr. Califf is very smart and caring and was able to explain details of my care and make a future plan to keep my teeth healthy. In addition to that they give the most thorough cleaning I have ever had with up to date technology. Excellent office I highly recommend you to make an appointment.

    Nancy Green
    Melissa S. - Plantation